What is the purpose of this site?

To help fellow eCommerce sites reduce or eliminate fraud (more info).

How much does the fraud checking tool cost to use?

Use of the online fraud checker is free for up to 20 uses per day. If you are interested in bulk/automated fraud checks via API, please contact us to discuss API integration.

What do you do with this information we submit?

The information you provide is NOT stored on our servers or used in any other capacity. It is used strictly to calculate the order's risk rating.

Why do you need the first 6 numbers of the credit card?

The first 6 digits of a credit card can identify the card's country of origin. International credit card fraud is a big problem, and fraudsters often attempt to use an international credit card with fake billing and shipping info to make it look like a local order. If you do not have the first 6 digits of the credit card number you can proceed without that - but it is a valuable part of the fraud screening process and should be provided if available.

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